About Wing Chun

Self Defence System

Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered a system rather than a style. The implication being that it is based on principles not copying movements. The principles form the basis of force generation and body movement resulting in an effective and efficient self defence strategy.

Force is generated by the use of the full body mass combined with very explosive body movements. Utilising the full body mass involves unifying the body structure and learning to move while maintaining a tensionless state. Once you are able to generate force correctly you will achieve maximum force potential and not have to rely on physical or brute strength.

The form practice develops the correct structure and biomechanics to achieve this outcome by re-calibrating how the body functions. The result is a more efficient and powerful movement process that utilises the body structure rather than physical strength. In this way you will have the ability to overcome much larger attackers without the need for brute strength.

The fighting strategy revolves around the centre line theory and concept of occupying space. If you are able to intercept and occupy the line of attack then you can prevent yourself from being hit. In doing so you also gain the inside line and place yourself in a position to strike back immediately. This increases your chance of success as the opponent is limited in being able to initiate 2nd and 3rd attacks.

The videos linked here discuss the principles and concepts that makes up theĀ  Wing Chun Kung Fu System.


Wing Chun Principles

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System is founded on 5 principles that all movements must adhere to. They cover different aspects of fighting strategy, biomechanic principles of movement, efficiency and force generation. Below is an overview of these principles.

Principle 1: Practicality

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System is designed to be practical. This implies that it can be used in any situation and is not restricted by environment such as confined space, crowded area or restrictive clothing. The simple, direct and economical movements and fighting strategy ensure this principle.

Principle 2: Simplicity

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System is designed around natural body movements. This implies that there is no need to be super athletic to apply. Anybody can apply the wing chun, irrespective of age, size or body type. Through correct structure and biomechanical movement the body will function effectively and efficiently.

Principle 3: Economy of Movement

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System is designed to be efficient and conserve energy. This indicates that there are no flowery or wasted movements. It works on using the nearest tool to achieve the required outcome. eg Kicking to the legs and groin area and not the head.

Principle 4: Directness

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System is designed around the centreline theory which encourages the shortest most direct method of attack and defence. This principle has 2 components.

  1. Direct movement – always use the most direct path to strike and / or to intercept an incoming strike. By taking the most direct path your movements will reach their goal faster increasing chance of success.
  2. Simultaneous attack and defence – always try to attack and defend in the same instance. By taking the inside line or using 2 limbs at same time every situation can be changed from defence to attack.

Principle 5: Minimum use of Brute Strength

The Wing Chun System is designed so to be effective against much larger attackers. This indicates that efficient and effective body structure and use of individual potential is paramount. This principle has 2 components:

  1. Overcoming force – the wing chun system uses many tools to overcome force including redirection, deflection, absorption, shearing, deceleration, breaking, and structure. these ideas are not applied individually but mesh together to deal with large amounts of force
  2. Generating force – The wing chun system achieves maximum force potential by utilising the entire body mass and explosive acceleration in all movements. By maximising these 2 elements mass and acceleration devastating force can be achieved and delivered even into larger attackers.