Wing Chun Forms

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System comprises of 6 forms. These Wing Chun Forms do not take on the impression of a fighting sequence but rather it provides a set of movements that effectively re-calibrate how the body functions to improve efficiency and power.

The 6 Forms are:

  1. Siu Nim Tao
  2. Chum Kiu
  3. Biu Gee
  4. Mook Jong
  5. Baat Jum Do
  6. Lok Dim Boon.

The Wing Chun Forms establish the correct structure for the body to function in a biomechanically correct fashion. The stance correctly aligns the body so that minimal energy and effort is applied to keep it upright. Weight is evenly distributed over both feet with the bone structure supporting the muscular structure. In this way the muscles expend minimal effort to stay upright and can be used for the task at hand.

The human body essentially functions around circular movement. Each joint rotates to move bones attached, and through this movement is created. The Wing Chun Forms are designed to establish the correct rotational principles of the joints to maximise potential force output. Done correctly the skeletal system, and in particular the spine, carries any load or resistance applied to the body. This frees up the muscular system to be used for the intended purpose to move the body.

Each of the Wing Chun Forms build on each other. The Siu Nim Tau establishes the structure and joint rotation principles. Chum Kiu introduces movement through pivoting and stepping and the use of multiple vectors of force. Biu Gee extends range of motion and complete use of the full body mass with spinal rotation and vortex theory. Mook Jong brings the 3 empty hand forms together developing range, body positioning and movement flow concepts. Baat Jum Do and Lok Dim Boon develops the ability to place the full body mass into a tool or weapon extending the force outside the realm of the human body.

The result once completing all 6 forms is the ability to apply the full force of the body in any situation. Not just in relation to self defence but also in everyday and work tasks. With this knowledge and ability the longevity of the human body can be prolonged allowing for a far greater quality of life as the practitioner ages. The side benefit being a very efficient and practical method of self defence if the need arises.