Biu Gee Form

The Biu Gee Form is the third form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. It is designed to take the foundational elements of the Siu Nim Tau Form and body movement of the Chum Kiu Form and increases range of motion adding spinal rotation. The tensionless state of the body must be maintained throughout practice of the Biu Gee Form. This form frees up your biomechanical potential and range of motion to achieve maximum force potential.

Biu Gee translates as “thrusting fingers”. Although this seems to imply a use of finger strikes in Wing Chun Kung Fu, it is really saying we can generate force to the finger tips. That is the entire body is linked and able to apply the full force along any point even the finger tips.

The key development in the Biu Gee Form is the addition of spine rotation. With this spinal rotation the movements create a vortex effect. This vortex is able to direct external force to the centre or expel them. Similar to a whirlpool if an object is on the extremity of the whirlpool it will be flung away however if it gets too close to the centre it gets drawn in. this addition to movement creates a more 3 dimensional ability in applying and overcoming force.

The Siu Nim Tau and Chum Kiu Forms work on finding the spine and movements work off the spine as if a pole through the middle of the body. The Biu Gee Form now tries to find the centre of the body and have all movements derived from there. this centre point is like a ball or gyroscope and allows the body to apply force in any direction.

Once you have achieved a good understanding of the Biu Gee Form you should have the ability to generate very explosive power. You should now move on to the Mook Jong Form.