Chum Kiu Form

Chum Kiu Form is the second form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. It is designed to take the foundational elements of the Siu Nim Tau Form and add body movement through stepping and pivoting. The tensionless state of the body from Siu Nim Tau must be maintained throughout practice of the Chum Kiu Form. Concentrate on developing a sense of stillness in motion to find your centre and then initiate all movement from this centre.

Chum Kiu form takes the focus away from the arms and place emphasis on body movement. The arms should appear to be doing very little throughout this form. Develop a sense that the arms move because the body moves. Do not throw the arms into the movements with the body following. Practice Chum Kiu with this in mind as finding your centre and driving movements from there is the key to achieving the lessons offered.

Chum Kiu translates as “searching for the bridge”. This could indicate that the focus is on fighting ideas as the bridge in kung fu terms implies contacting the opponent. However, Wing Chun For Life believes that it is searching for the bridge between body and limb movements. To unify them so as the full body can be utilised in all movements achieving greater force capacity than is otherwise possible.

Another key aspect of the Chum Kiu form is the ability to apply multiple vectors of force. This enables the practitioner to make it difficult to be prevented from moving as the opponent will have to be able to stop multiple vectors at once. they may be able to stop a few but when there can be 10 vectors acting at once it will become very difficult.

Before moving on to the Biu Gee Form force generation principles it is important to achieve body and limb unity in movement in Chum Kiu Form.