Mook Jong Form

Mook Jong translates as ‘wooden man’ often called ‘wooden dummy’. It is representative of a very heavy strong opponent allowing you to apply full force. This does not mean to hit the dummy as hard as possible using it to condition the arms. Learn to place the full body mass on the dummy. Practice on the dummy almost as if caressing it rather than hitting it. As your body unity and biomechanical principles of movement develop you will find that your contact with the dummy becomes heavier without exerting any extra effort. In doing this you will use the dummy effectively.

The Mook Jong form is the fourth form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. It is designed to bring the key concepts of the Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Gee forms together. The sequences within the form show how to move the body while applying heavy force at the centre of the dummy. Force should never be directed across the face of the dummy. In doing this you will develop the ability to connect to an opponent which will give you the ability to manipulate the opponent with ease.

This form develops concepts relating to;

  • understanding range,
  • body positioning in relation to opponents,
  • movement flow and transitioning,
  • connecting to an opponent,
  • the unification of arm and body in movement; and
  • the ability to apply heavy force while maintaining a soft and tensionless state.

Mr Mook Jong

The Mook Jong frame Richard Antonini is practicing with is a new high tech design by Mr Mook Jong. It has been developed through years of consultation and refinement to achieve a living feel to the Mook Jong. This frame allows for adjustable resistance in all directions, giving a very real to life feel when practicing.