Siu Nim Tau Form

The Siu Nim Tau is the first form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. It is designed to establish the foundational structure, biomechanical principles of movement and joint rotation. Siu Nim Tau also develops relaxation or letting go of tension and the linking of mind body functions to achieve Nim Lik or mind force. This form lays the basis for the entire system through the Chum Kiu, Biu Gee, Mook Jong, Baat Jum Do and Lok Dim Boon forms.

In the Chu Shong Tin lineage Siu Nim Tau could be considered the most advanced form even though it is taught first. The focus is on the most important aspect of wing chun which is the ability to move the limbs maintaining a relaxed state of the muscular system. This relaxed state is achieved through the use of the mind and intention to direct the movements. Correct practice will open up the Nim Tau (Crown) area of the brain to gain full control of your body functions.

Siu Nim Tau translates as “a little idea” or “a little intent”. This indicates that developing the correct mental process and unification of thought and movement is the key to this form. Siu Nim Tau should be practiced with this focus in mind. Practice in a way that frees up the joints to move effortlessly so the arms feel as though they float through the movements. Develop the mind to have awareness of the state of the muscles in the body so that you can let go of any tension. In this way you will build up the ability to use intention to drive the force of the body in your movement. A sound understanding of Siu Nim Tau is necessary before practicing the force generation ideas of Chum Kiu Form.